Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

OK... so I thought by now I would have the professional wedding pictures from the kids to show you for my next post but they have not materialized yet. Will post them as soon as we can get them from the kids.

In the meantime, life goes on, & so do the special occasions of the year... Presenting Susie and Mondo's annual "Halloween Party 2009". Their parties are epic and we had a wonderful time ... for the brief time we were there. Because, (sighs & hangs head) I had a little mishap....

While I was taking a picture, I stepped back as someone walked behind me, shifted my weight to miss running into them. The top part of me went one way and my knee went the other .... causing "Little Red Riding Hood" to land on her Tuffit! I will not share the gory details, but it was not pleasant from my perspective. Many came to my rescue making sure I was OK. Mark took me home and kept the Advil and ice bags coming until he crashed in the wee hours of the morning. (what a guy.. ).

I have to say I was soooo bummed though. Not only did we rock our costumes..

...but we missed what ended up being an amazing party, and as I was putting on the 3rd ice bag, I realized that I didn't have a single meatball in teriyaki sauce , cracker or cheese, chip or dip, or cocktail wienie in BBQ sauce....!!! Ahhhhhh.... my favorite food groups!!! Oh well, them's the breaks.... So, here are a few pictures (pre-digger) to document the better half of my Halloween experience.... ENJOY!

Cory, Mondo, Susie (party hosts) and Mark

Me (Little Red Riding Hood) and Mark (Pimp Daddy)

Cory (Chicken Boy), Me (Little Red Riding Hood) and Mark (Pimp Daddy)

Kerilynn (Annie) and Ma (Little Red Riding Hood)

Cory (Chicken Boy) & Kerilynn (Annie)

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