Sunday, July 6, 2008

Never Forget the "Kid" in You!

Well, leave it to KL to plan the BEST entertainment for Cory's graduation party at the end of May this year. When they told us that there would be SUMO Wrestling at the party I could hardly wait.... not that I would do any wrestling (it probably would have killed me), but would totally enjoy watching everyone have a GREAT time letting the "Kid" within take over and just have FUN. And I wasn't disappointed..... the pictures speak volumes.... ENJOY!

The MAN of the HOUR ~ Cory with "Cardboard [photo op] Cory"

The players, Corysan...

Sweet and demure Kerilynnsan...(yea right)

SUMO "LOVE" before I kick your SUMO BUTT!!!!


KL didn't have a chance .... she couldn't stop laughing ... her focus was distracted and Cory went in for the Kill.....

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